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Shuttle orlando miami

  • We offer transportation services from Orlando to Miami and from Miami to Orlando.
  • Morning pick up time will start at 7am in the city of Orlando. Afternoon pick up time will start at 2pm in the city of Miami. The trip will take approximately 3 hours.
  • Pick up time may vary depending on the location of each of our clients. Clients will be picked up in an orderly fashion and based on their location within each city.
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Shuttle orlando cape canaveral

  • We also offer transportation services to the city of Tampa and Cape Canaveral Monday through Wednesday. Please make reservations through email or Whatsapp link.
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Additional services

We offer private transportation services to single families and coorporations. Please make your reservation through email.

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2474 Sedge Grass Way, Orlando FL 32824 United States


Whatsapp: 845 415 0116 

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